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madhura mandake

I'm Madhura Mandake, and I have pursued a Bachelor's degree in Textile Design from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. While I am at the early stages of my artistic career, my passion for artistic expression has led me to explore and embrace the world of ecoprinting. Through this technique, I create intricate artworks using a variety of textiles and papers. 


As an introvert, I've always felt a deep connection with nature and the sense of calm it provides. My art is a reflection of this connection and my desire to convey the tranquility and happiness that even the smallest aspects of nature, like the scent of a flower, can bring. I believe that nature has a way of comforting and rejuvenating introverts, offering a kind of solace that is hard to find elsewhere. 


For me, the journey of an introvert parallels the process of ecoprinting. Just as I work with different materials and techniques to create my art, introverts navigate through a countless experiences that shape and mold their strength and identity. The unpredictability of how each leaf reacts during the ecoprinting process is similar to the unpredictable nature of the experiences introverts go through. These experiences, though, contribute to their growth, resilience, and eventual acceptance within society. Through my artworks, I aim to capture the essence of this journey, to tell a story of transformation, resilience, and acceptance. The beauty that emerges from the ecoprinting process mirrors the beauty that introverts discover within themselves after navigating life's challenges. My art invites viewers to appreciate the subtleties of nature and the profound experiences of introverts, urging us all to find happiness and solace in life's simple yet meaningful moments.

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