Kirti Singla

Hi, I am Kirti Singla, an artist based in Canada. I basically play around with Acrylics. I always had that creative side in me. Since childhood, I used to make arts m crafts projects for my younger cousins to present in the school. Growing up, I became a Pre-School teacher which was really a fun job for me. Creating activities, organizing theme days starting from scratch. Gathering materials, making pictures, I really enjoyed my job. Years passed by and here I am today, presenting myself as a Self-Taught artist. I started making zentangle patterns on the canvases using acrylic base colours and I started loving it. I do a lot of pouring, I just colours, I feel like adding colours to everybody’s life. Now I make abstracts using all sorts of shades I can and each of my paintings has got a hidden meaning into it- you just have to have a perfect set of eyes.

Wooden Surface


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