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Garima Arora

The unknown, the hidden, the undefined, which we are not able to grasp is sometimes called mystic. My work is that search for the unknown recesses of human psyche in the form of layers of form ,defined and undefined. To complete is to stop and the incomplete is the journey which never ceases. My name is Garima Arora. I have done my Masters in Visual Arts from Baroda. I am a Visual Artist and Arts based Therapy Facilitator and also an educator working on self, in Mental health, understanding anthroposophy and exploring intersections between Art, therapy and art education for the past 10years.


I create my work using mediums like acrylic, water color, soft pastels and pencil colors and sometimes printmaking inks too. I have innovated a process over years which helps me to achieve transparent layering and texture My work depicts a rich inward journey, narratives from my experiences of both inner and outer world and something in between. It's a journey from dark recesses to light and from light to dark places and grey areas in between. Past Present and future dance in my paintings. Sometimes there is unexplainable silence and sometimes loudness of the form which wants to be heard and seen. I create a narrative using hints of metaphorical forms not loudly expressed, to put forth my thoughts on Canvas and paper

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