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"Through my artwork, I give form to my innermost thoughts and emotions. Using a diverse range of mediums, including oil, acrylic, oil pastel, and watercolors, I find the means to express myself more fully. With the use of intense colors and bold strokes, I choose to focus on abstracts and abstract figures, allowing me to capture human emotions in the canvas of everyday observations. My goal is to invite viewers into my emotional world, inviting them to connect with the vibrant and complex tapestry of human experience that I seek to portray."

Born and raised in the vibrant state of Goa, India, I have had a lifelong passion for art. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve spending hours painting and drawing with my grandmother. 

However, as I grew older, life took me down more traditional career paths, and I found myself pursuing other interests and jobs. But something was always missing, and I couldn't shake the feeling that my true calling lay in the world of art. After years of soul-searching and reflection, I finally took the leap and decided to pursue my passion full-time 

Now, as a professional artist based in Goa, I create stunning works that showcase vibrant colours through my unique style and vision. Despite the challenges and setbacks I faced along the way, I am grateful for the journey that led me back to my true passion and I am excited to continue exploring my creativity and share my journey and art with the world.

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