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Divya Balivada

The transformative power of embracing our passion and daring to believe in its untapped potential lies within. While I strive to break free from conventional boundaries and embrace my authentic expression, I feel a sense of misfit within the societal expectations and norms often perceived normal.


Being neurodivergent, I find it crippling to communicate my intentions. I express my inner world and subconscious in abstract forms. Art is my path of expression, freeing and harnessing my capacity to convey my innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences, transcending societal limitations to offer a glimpse into the journeys of self-discovery, awareness and celebrating life.


There is a free flow of emotions and thoughts when I paint. Since it helps me express better, I prefer to work with a range of mediums such as oil, acrylic, charcoal, soft pastel, dry pastel, water colours, and sometimes a combination of these mediums. 

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