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​Since childhood, I had a deep connection with nature. My ancestral home was in a small
village near Shahjahanpur where I grew up seeing rivers, ponds, fields, forests and many types of wild animals. I am often very impressed by all these, especially the complex structures of trees and vines, their structural system works like magic on me, various living creatures, especially the small ones, which people often pay less attention to, have developed their mutual coordination. This is clearly visible in most of my works. The main medium of my works is acrylic medium and apart from this I have also tried to do some work in mixed medium. I was greatly influenced by the embroidery work done by my grandmother. Since she is no more in this world,
I have tried to keep her work alive in my artworks, that is why you can see the embroidery work here and there in my works. The texture of the old walls has also been attracted, for which I have also used send, dust or small concrete for the vintage look and texture. Along with this, some patterns have been created by taking inspiration from the internal structures of plants which play a special role in the artwork. The object has been created based on the external structures of trees, which I am highly influenced by, along with this, I have tried to put in the imaginative form of various creatures, animals and humans, which is their presence and mutual relation. My desire to know and understand the deep secrets of nature inspired me to express my thoughts through my colors.

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