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Aakriti Maurya

Currently in my 4th semester of post-graduation in painting at  Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta. I completed my bachelor’s from  Amity University, Noida, between 2017 and 2021.

Relocating from Noida to Kolkata  has enriched my experience, inspiring my work which explores the impact of this  change on my mental and physical well-being, along with the shift in relationships. As  an arts practitioner, I have always sought to use my creativity as a way to  navigate life’s complexities and find meaning in the midst of challenges.

Recently,  I was confronted with the diagnoses of PCOD and thyroid conditions, which  brought about a profound shift in my physical and mental well-being. The weight  of these health issues left me feeling mentally exhausted and physically drained  on a daily basis. In search of a refuge for my emotions and a conduit for  sustaining my artistic practice, I turned to the meditative art of line drawing. I predominantly employ black acrylic ink, and pen, as the black and white pattern  symbolises both serenity and intense emotions. My artworks depict a range of human  emotions within landscapes. Creating texture and line drawings on canvas serves as a  therapeutic process for me. I draw inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch. I'm fascinated  by his unconventional approach to landscapes and his ability to depict unsettling  scenes with a captivating beauty. 

The focal point of my work comprises lifeless birds, which, to me, serve as  symbols of life's conclusion and disconnection from this realm. This reflects how  humans undergo changes, forging new connections with others, forsaking past  commitments, and embarking on new journeys with different individuals.

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